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New Documentation

Work Station Annunciation Software
Download PDF Catalog Sheet

Linux Based Network Controller
Details   Why Linux?
Linux Quick Start Manual

Access Anywhere Bid Specifications
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New Long Range Hands Free Vehicle ID Reader

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Daylight Savings Time Software Upgrades
All Toye Systems Require the New Daylight Saving Time Software Update
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Access Anywhere 7.0 Catalog

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On-Line Software Manual
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Upgrading Your Existing Toye System?
•  We have an upgrade for every operating system
•  What you need to know before you upgrade your "PC" or Operating System

Toye Corporation Access Control Systems
See How They Compare Feature By Feature
View or Download A Side By Side Comparison Fact Sheet
Field Component Layout Drawing
Shows how all the components tie together

Memory Mini-Prox Stand-Alone Reader PDF Catalog Sheet
Memory Mini-Prox Installation Instructions
Complete User and Programming Manual
Web page information
New: Model 8200 Count Module

Toye Corporation Card Readers
Toye Mini-Prox Plus Reader Catalog Sheet
Toye Wall Switch ProxPlus Reader Catalog Sheet
ToyeMaxiProxPlus Reader Catalog Sheet
Toye Proximity Card Specifications

Motorola  or HID Proximity Switch Plate Reader
Motorola or HID Proximity Reader With Keypad
HID Entry Prox
SmartClik RF Reader (40' Range) (updated 6/9/98)
Hands On, Or Hands Free Prox Card and Vehicle I.D. Tag and Reader

Access Anywhere
Our Full Featured Security & Parking Management System
Access Anywhere Sales Brochure
Includes features and system specifications
Password Manager
Try It Real Time
Who's In? VIP Tracking Software Option
Dynamic alphabetic display of who is on the premises
Take A Quick Look
Network Transaction Monitoring
This utility lets you monitor system events from any work station tied to the host PC 
Alarm Monitoring From Any PC On The Network
Take A Quick Look
Hotel Guest Parking Package
Take A Quick Look
Card Use Dollar Value Based Debiting
For Parking Lots
Floating Counter Display
An independent Windows Display that shows the values of all defined spaces counters
Take A Quick Look
Time Management Software Option
Generates actual card and group use reports for billing and attendance
Tenant Billing Software Option For Parking Operators
Automatic monthly invoice generation and positive posting automatically voids or validates groups of tenant cards
Reserved Space Management For Parking Managers
Limits each tenant to a specified number of vehicles at any one time.
Automated Entry For Private Communities
A single page brochure for homeowner associations
OneCard ISO Prox Multi-Technology Card 
 Proximity, Mag Stripe, Bar Code, Direct Image Digital Printing

Access Central Technical Documents:
Typical Door Wiring Drawing
Model 8200 Count Module
Access Central Bid Specifications
Software License, Warranty,  Terms And Conditions
Software & System Support Annual Maintenance Contract
Converting To Access 2000
8120 Multi-Point I/O Module
New Input/Output Module with 8 Alarm Inputs
Command Module (4120 Series)
Settings, terminals, inputs & outputs, switch selectable options
Command Module (4110 Series)
Settings, terminals, inputs & outputs, switch selectable options
Software Manual Text Version 4
Unzip in c:\tc85dir  (12/3/99 )
Software Manual Version 5
Unzip in c:\tc85dir  (03/03/99 )
Software Manual Version 6
Space Counter Definition Instructions
Tenant Billing Software Instructions Text
Access Central Software Manual Text Only
MS Access Passwords
Hardware Manual
   Hardware Manual supplement page 16 & 17
Revenue Control Handbook
Revenue Instruction Manual

How To Change Network Path Statements
Monitor.mdb Setup Instructions
Configuring Access Central For Use On Network Work Stations

Model 4200 Network Controller Based Systems
Linux Quick Start Manual
AccessAnywhereData Sheet
Access Anywhere Field Layout Drawing
Model 4200 Network Controller Setup Instructions
4200N2FieldOptions for Johnson Controls Metasys

How To Configure Windows xp To Connect To A Network Controller 
How To Change TCP/IP Settings For Network Connectivity

Smart Cartridge Systems
When You Need The Power Of A Real "PC", But There's No Place To Put One
Four Page Brochure

Technical Documents:
Smart Cartridge Software Manual
Field Layout Drawing(Same as "PC" Central)
Shows how all the components tie together
Command Module(Same as "PC" Central)
Settings, terminals, inputs & outputs, switch selectable options 

O/L Series Readers
Our Smart Off-Line Reader Controller
Single Page Brochure
SmartClik RF Reader (40' Range)
O/L Programming Instructions

Access Central For Johnson Controls
Metasys N2 Integration
4200N2FieldOptions for Johnson Controls Metasys
Metasys Four Page Sales Brochure
System Field Layout Drawing
Digital I.D. Systems
Fully Illustrated Two Page Brochure
Reader Installation Instructions:
Differential Optics Readers
Secure Prox Readers
Value Prox Readers
SlimLine Prox Readers
Extended Range Prox Readers
Standard Range
High End Mag Stripe & Bar Code Readers
Standard Mag Stripe Readers
Wall Switch/PIN Prox Readers
Toye MaxiProxPlus

Warrant And Software License
Software License Terms And Conditions
Product Warranty (text)
Product Warranty (document)
Security Magazine Article On Bar Codes For Security
System Demo (Requires MS Access) 

Free Software Upgrades For Current Users

Access Central 5.2 Report Manager (Rev 8/6/01)
This fixes an Access2000 Refresh problem
Includes many new reports including Space Counts 
If you are running Access2000, you must convert this file when prompted
Download New Report Manager for Access97

Alarm Status
A separate window dedicated to showing active alarms 

Password Manager
Adds a new report showing all Security Level Programming Changes by Operator 
Download Password Manager

Cardholders Only Transaction Monitoring
When all you want to do is view card transactions without running Access Central 
Download Monitoring Program

Trouble Shooting Problems:
PC Lock Ups, Compaq & HP Problems, Report Manager Refresh

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