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North Sea Oil Platform [Monitors and Displays Who's On Board]
Mayo Clinic     [Click For More]
Denver World Trade Center [Parking,  Elevator Control and Building Security]
Mashantucket Pequot Museum [75 Readers and 600 Alarm Points]
World Trade Center, St. Paul, Minnesota [Building Security and Elevator Control]
Georgetown University [Campus-wide system for students and staff]
Iowa State Capitol Complex.  More than 100 readers control Building Access, Elevator Control, and Parking
ACTS Security for the East Coast's largest chain of retirement communities
FBI  Large security system for building access, parking, and elevator control
National Westminister Bank. Large Toye system for England's most prestigious bank.
University of Wisconsin. Campus security tied to a Johnson Controls Metasys System
Here are more than 1,000 Toye Corporation users around the world, and they represent only a portion of the total, because that's all we could fit on one page. 

Not listed individually are our Verizon (formerly GTE) installations. Verizon has Toye Systems installed at more than 500 different locations. 

111 Capitol Bldg., 1st Federal Lincoln, 1st Interstate Bank, 280 Park Avenue, 3M/Buhler-Miag, Willow Ridge-Metro Housing Authority, 5455 Wilshire, 7 Up, 7th & Broadway, 8101 Connecticut Ave, AT&T, ADP, Abbott Labs, ABC Computers, Abington Memorial Hospital, AC Spark Plug, Academy Ventures, Ace Lock, A.C.T.S. Corporate, AD Computer, Admiral Dupont, Admiral-Gelsberg, ADT, Aerojet, Aetherworks, Aid Association For Lutherans, Air Flite, Airesearch, Airport Marriott, Akron City Hospital, Alarm Control, Alarmtech De Mexico, Alaska Airlines, Alberta Environmental Centre, Alberta Government Service, Alcon Aluminum, Allegheny Central, Allegheny General Hospital, Allegheny Power, Allegheny Valley Hospital, Allied Bendix, Allright Parking, Allstate Insurance, Allstate Savings, Alpha Property Management, Peabody Place, Alta Bates Hospital, Alta Bates Medical Center, Altoona Hospital, Altoona Parking Authority, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, Amana Refrigeration, American Airlines, American Bank, American Bell, American Center, American Hoescht, American Nucleonics, American Scandinavian, American Stores, Amir Leasing & Mgmt., AMP, Ampco - City Of Akron, Amperif, Amplitrol, Ampol Petroleum, Anchor Tool & Die, Apollo Plastics, Apparel Mart, Applause, Applied Communication, ARC Atlanta, Architect Of The Capitol Wash. DC, Artim Translines, Asbury Methodist Village, Ascom Zeag, Ashland Oil, Ashland Petroleum, Ashland Services, Associated Metals, Athen Condominiums, Atlanta Gas Light Company, Atlantic & Court Street, Atlantic Bancorp, Atlantic City Medical Center, Atlantic Place, Atlas Crankshaft, Audie Murphy Hospital, Aultman Hospital, Austin Airport, Automated Tr. Life & Casualty, Automated Traffic Control, Autonetics, AVCO Canada, AVCO Center, AVCO Financial, Avery Dennison, Avery International, Avery Label, Avitel, Avon Products, British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority, B. F. Goodrich, B.A.R.T. Police Dept., Balboa Center, Ball Corporation, Banco Espirito, Banco Mexicano, Banespa Bank Bldg, Bank Of America, Bank Of California, Bank Of Lisbon, Bank Of Mexico, Bank Of Rome, Bank Of San Diego, Bank Of Scotland, Baptist Home, Baptist Hospital, Baptist Memorial Hospital, Barberton City Hospital, Barnett Bank, Bassett Hospital, Bay City Jail, Baylor College, Baylor College Of Medicine, BCCU Credit Union, Beamer Medical Clinic, Bechtel, Bechtel Oak Ridge Tech Center, Bedford Trade Mart, Beech Aircraft Corp., Bekins, Bell & Howell, Bell Canyon, Bellemead Center, Bellsouth/Southern Bell, Bendix Corporation, Bergan Evening Reporter, Bermingham Civic Center, Bethleham Water Treatment Facility, Beverly Hills Medical Center, Beverly Wilshire Plaza, Bicentennial Towers, Chrysler/Plymouth, Biltmore Ii Condo Association, Bio Medical, Bio Science Labs, Birmingham Civic Center, Birmingham Medical Center, Biscayne Cove Condominiums, Bishop Square, Black Mountain, Blair County Airport, Blair East, Blair House, Blair Plaza, Blair Tower, Bloomington Hospital, Blue Circle Cement, Blue Cross of California, Blue Cross of Kansas City, Blue Cross Of Wisconsin, Blue Cross St. Louis, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Blue Hole Corporation, Blue Print Service, Blue Water Lagoon, BMC Montgomery, BMC Princeton, BMT, BMW, Boeing Aircraft, Boeing Canada, Bond Court Hotel, Bons Secours Hospital, Borinquen Hotel, Boss Group, Bournes Inc., Bourns Sensors, BP Chemical, Bradenton Financial Center, Brenton Info Systems, Brinderson Plaza, Bristol Myers, Broad & Western, Broadway, Bronson Hospital, Brookhaven National Lab, Brotherhood Mutual, Brown Twist, Brush Wellman, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Buchanan 1st National Bank, Buckhead Palace Garage, Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Buffalo Hilton Hotel, Buncher Corp, Burbank Towers, Bureau Of Medical Records, Burlington Industries, Burroughs Corporation, Burton Place, Butler Memorial Hospital, C. A. S. F., C. H. Stuart, C.I.E. Services, C.S.I.R.O., Cabelas, Caddo Parish Courthouse, Cahill Building Company, Cailfonia Primary Physicians, California Pacific, California Research & Technology, Callendar Lake, Camilla Towers, Campbell Clinic, Campbell Super Block, Canal Insurance, Cancer Institute, Capital Complex, Capitol Dog Training Club, Capitol Plaza, Carborundum, Carnation Company, Carter Company, Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Catawba Transfer, CBIS, CCS Automation Systems, Ceasars Atlantic City, Cedar Rapids Police Dept, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Cellular One, Centel, Centertown Garage, Centinela Airport Medical Ctr, Centinela Hospital, Central Bank, Central Blood Bank, Central Electric, Central NY Bottle Company, Central Parking, Nation's Bank, Vanderbuilt Univ, Central Parking, Central Station, Central Tel. Co. Of Va, Central Vermont Hospital, Century Parking, Century W.Development. 2nd St. Plaza, Cermatec, CF Hurley Bldg., CFAC Television Station, Chadwell Hastings, Challenge/Foremost, Champaign Telephone, Channel 43, Chaparral Recreation Assoc., Chapman University, Charles River Park, Charleston Avaiation, Charleston County Health Com., Charleston County Medical Cent, Charleston Memorial, Charlotte Office, Charlotte Presbyterian Hospita, Chase Manhattan Bank of NY, Chase Of Boston, Chatham County, Chef America, Chevy Chase, Chicago Park District, Children's Hosp. Parking Gara., Children's Hospital Birmingham, Children's Hospital Of Orange, Childress-cline, Chimney Rock Apartments, Chipola Apartments, CHOC, Cincinnati Bell, Cincinnati Technical College, City Of Anchorage, Citicorp, City Of Anaheim, City Of Camarillo, City Of Charles, City Of Charleston, City Of Clayton, City Of Darion, City Of Edmonton, City Of Fort Denton, City Of Grand Rapids, City Of Greensboro, City Of Greenville, City Of Hagerston, City Of Harrisburg, City Of Hoboken, City Of Huntsville, City Of Ithaca, City Of Jacksonville, City Of Lakewood, City Of Lakewood Hospital, City Of Leduc, City Of Lewiston, City Of Monroe, City Of New York, City Of Oakland, City Of Pittsburgh, City Of Red Deer, City Of San Antonio Parking, City Of Santa Fe, City Of Santa Monica, City Of Savannah, City Of Toledo, City Of Tucson, Civic Center East Apartments, Claremont College, Clark-Hurth Components, Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co., Cleveland Memorial Hospital, Clinton Square, Closed Circuit Design, CMS Industries Inc., Cnvr, Co-generation. Plant, Coastal Pet Products, Cobb County, Coca Cola Brazil, Coca-Cola Companies, Cole Creek Manor, Colfor/Colmach, Collier County, Collier County Buildings, Collier County Waste Water Bldg, Collins Place-Australia, Colonial Bakery, Colorado River Authority, Columbia Mall, Columbia Plaza, Columbia San Clement, Columbus & So. Ohio Electric C, Columbus Airport, Comerica Bank, Commercial Security Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Commonwealth Plaza, Community Federal Savings & Lo, Community Memorial Hosp, Community Of Bell Canyon, Compass Management & Leasing, Compendium Ct. At Museum Gates, Computer Business Int'l, Con Agra, Con Edison, Conair, Conair Group, Conbraco, Foote, Cone & Belding, Continental Airlines, Continental Illinois Bank, Continental Plastics, Continental Western Life Insur, Control Data Corporation, Cook County Admin. Bldg., Cooper Green Hospital, Copta, Cornell Univ. Knight Lab, Cornell University, Cornell Vet. Research Tower, Corporate Plaza, Corporate Woods, Crab Tree Valley Mall, Credit Swiss, Crime Control, Crosswinds, Crysteco, CSX Hotel, CTC, Culver City Rotary Plaza, Cumis Insurance, Cuna Stock, Custom House/Colton Hall-Monte, Cuyahoga Council Justice Ctr, Dairyman, Dan Frey Babcock & Wilcox, Data Card Corporation, Data Center Inc., David Library, Davies Pacific Center, Days Inn, Daytona Beach Airport, Decade Corp, Defiance College, Dekalb County, Delaware County Memorial, Delaware County Memorial Hosp, Delaware Tech College, Delco Products, Delectro, Delta Incendo, Dept Of Environmental Protection, Dept. Of Housing & Development, Des Moines Convention Center, Designed Programs Corporation, Dexter Packaging, Dey Laboratories, Diagnostic Hospital, Diamond Shamrock Garage, Disney Vista Communications, Disney World, Disney/Vista United, Dmi Huntsville, Dobie Center Garage, Documation, Doheney Eye Hospital, Doortec, Douglas Aircrat, Dow Chemical Bogata, Dow Chemical Company, Dow Chemical World Headquarter, Downtown Auto Park, Druid City Hospital, Dubois Nursing, Dueck Industries, Duke Medical Center, Duke Parking, Duke University, Dupont, Durham Fire House, Dutch Parking, Departmen of Water & Power Los Angeles, E-Z Parking, E. F. Hutton, Eagle Lake, Earth City, Eastman Kodak, Echo Canyon, Edgewater Hospital, Edmonton Centre, Edmonton International Airport, El Paso National Bank, El Paso Natural Gas, Electronic Businessmans Assoc., Electronic Innovations, Electronic Spec., Electrowatt House, Elk Point Municipal Hospital, Elks Club, Emerald Bay, Emerson Park Garage, Employers Insurance Company, Encino Atrium, Encino Tarzana Hospital, Entracomp, Epping RSL Club, Erie County Medical Center, Ethan Allen Corporate Headquar, Excel Systems, Executive Towers, Eye Foundation Hospital, F. J. Lamb Company, Federal Aviation Agency, FAA Central, Fairfax Towers, Fairview Hospital, Farm Family, Federal Bureau Of Investigation, Fender Music, Field Museum Of Natural Histor, Fifth Avenue Realty, Financial Federal Savings Bank, Finger Lakes Race Track, First Bank, First City Bank, First Federal Of Charleston, First Federal Of Lincoln, First Federal Plaza, First Florida Tower, First Interstate Bank, First National Bank, First Wisconsin Milwaukee, Flight Safety Int'l, Flint Ink, Florida Hospital, Flower Memorial Hospital, Fluor Corporation, Folger Coffee Company, Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor Credit, Fort Denton, Fort Mcmurray Regional Hospita, Fort Riley, Fort Steilacoom Community Coll, Fort Wayne Housing Authority, Fortin Laminating Company, Forum Bldg., Fourth Avenue Garage, Franciscan University, Franklin Medical Center, Franklin Plaza, Franklin School, Franklin Square Hospital, Frederick Memorial Hospital, Freeport Bridge Harbor Yacht Club, Freidman & Hoffman, Fresnel Optics, Friendly Valley Recreation, Friskies, Frost Bank, Ft. Lupton Co, Furniture Company, Furniture Expo Bldg., Gable I, Gabrielle Apartments, Galleria Ii, Gallup, Garden Apartments, Southern California Gas Co, Gates Rubber Company, Gateway Center, GE Medical Center, GE Research Labs, Geelong Council, Geisinger Health Systems, General Atomics, General Corporation, General Dynamics Corporation, General Electric, General Foods, General Services Administration L.A., General Svcs. Administration KC, General Telephone Company, General Tire Akron, General Tire-charlotte, Generale Bank, Genesee Hospital, George Washington University, Georgetown University Law School, Georgetown University Main Campus, Georgia Bldg. Authority, Germantown Cricket Club, Gilbert Commonwealth, Gilford County, Glade Marina, Gladstone Foundation, Glen Cove Nursing Pavilion, Glendale Water Reclamation Plant, Globe Battery, GMPG, Golden Company, Golden Gateway, Golden State, Goldrich & Kest, Grace Hospital, Grand Rapids Campau Square, Grande Ronde Hospital, Grange Mutual Insurance, Granite Bldg., Grant Building, Great Western Savings & Loan, Greeley Medical Clinic, Green Mountain College, Greenbrier Village, Greenfeld Business Solutions, Greenridge Condo Assoc., Greenridge Place, Greensboro Office Partners, Grosvenor House, Grundler Myers Brothers, GSA Eisenhower Center, GSA Kansas City IRS, GSA Los Angeles, GTEL, Guarantee Bank, Guardian Care Convalescent, Guilford County Landfill, Gurley Oil Company, Guyon Inc., GWU President's Office, H. Fields Young, H.J. Heinz, Halliburton Services, Hamot Medical Center, Hancock Airport, Handicapped Development Center, Harbor City, Harbour Park Corporation, Harco Inc., Harold Journal Lot, Harrah's Forest City, Harris Bank, Harris County Children Prot. S, Harris Mathis Accounting, Harris Teeter, Harrisburg Area Comm College, Harrisburg Area Community Hospital, Harrisburg-Locust Street, Harrisburg-market Square, Harrisburg-walnut Street, Harvey Cleary/Fleenor, Haskell Building, Hastings Indian Hospital, Hawaiian Dredging, Hawthorne Garage, Hazelton School District Career Ctr, Hcr Wallingford Nursing, Heal Garage, Health Care & Retirement Corp, Health Partners, Health Plan, Hector Field Security, Helmerich And Payne, Hennepin Government Ctr., Henry Ford Hospital, Hercules, Heritage, Hermann Hospital, Hermes House, Hewlett-packard, Hidden Valley, Hideout, Higbee Sohio, High Point Bank & Trust, Higher Education Aid, Highlands Ranch, Highlands Ranch Colorado, Hill Climb, Hillcrest Hospital, Hills Mc Canna Company, Hitachi Electronic Devices, Hobby Airport, Holiday Inn, Hollenden House, Honeywell Corporation, Honeywell Bull, Hoover Bldg., Hornblower & Weeks, Household Finance, Household International, Houston Eye Associates, Howard Deevers, Howard Johnson Garage, Howard University, Hughes, Humana University, Humber College, Huntington Memorial Hospital, Huntington National Bank, Huntsvill Hospital, Hutchinson Cancer Research Cen, Hyland Manor, I.P.R.O.S.E., IBM Corporation, ICI-CCTV, Icos, Illinois Commercial Mens Assoc, Illinois State Lottery, Illuminating Garage, Inc., Inc., Inc., Indala Corporation, Indiana University, Industrial Metal Processing, Industrial Tech Institute,Ingalls Memorial Hospital, Integon Insurance Services, Inter-Community Med Center, Intermountain Power Service, Interstate Alarm, Invenex Pharmacy, Iowa Dept. Of Transportaion, Iowa General Services, Iowa State Capitol Complex, Iowa State University, Iprose, Ironwood Country Club, Irs, Itel Corporation, ITT Corporation, Iupui, J & L Corporation, J. David Gladstone Foundation, J. L. Hudson, J.C. Penny, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Jackson University, Jackson University Medical Ctr, Jacksonville, James Place, JCI Automotive Service Group, Jeannette District Memorial Hospital, Jeep Corporation, Jefferson County, Jefferson Plaza, Jelco, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Jewish Hospital, John Blair & Co., John Boyd Designs, John Deere/Silvis Foundry, John Wayne Airport, Johnson Group, Jonny Appleseed's, Josam, Josam Co, Joy Manufacturing Company, Joy Technologies, Juvenile Justice Center, Juvenile Justice Complex, Kaiser Hospital San Francisco, Kaiser Hospital Glendale, Kaiser Hospital Woodland Hills, Kaiser Hospital Santa Clara, Kaiser Hospital Panorama City, Kaiser Hospital San Francisco, Kaiser-Vallejo, Kaiser-Venice, Kake T.V., Kapiolani Childrens Medical Center, Kappler USA, Kay Products, KCCI TV, Keebler, Kellogg Company, Kenmore Mercy Hospital, Kennesaw State College, Kent Provision, Kentwood School, Keogh's Electrical Svcs., Kerr-Mcgee Chemical, KGE-Market Center, Kiawah Island Resort, Kirchman, Kirk Plastic, Kirkland Health Svcs, KitchenerM, Kiwah Island, Klerks Plastic, Koch Engineering, Koll Company, Kroger, Kuhn & Loeb, L. A. Dept. Of Water & Power, L. A. Times, L. M. Webb & Assoc., LA County Courthouse, LA Dept Of Water & Power Adlanto, LA/USC Medical Center, Lake County Water Authority, Lake Taylor Hospital, Lamar Life Bldg., Lambert Airport, Larkin Labs, Latrobe Steel Co., Law Company Bldg., Lawinger Library, Lawrence Schools, Leanin' Tree, Leaseway Leasing, Lee County Electrical, Lee County Government, Lee Engineering, Lehigh University, Lehman Brothers, Leo A. Daly, Lewis Warf Condos, Liberty National, Liberty Park, Library Of Congress, Liliha Medical Plaza, Lincoln Electric, Lincoln Nebraska, Lincoln Square, Linn County Auditor, Linn County Courthouse, Little Rock Land Company, Little Tikes, Litton Data Command, Litton Systems/Aero Products D, Lock-up Mini-storage, Locust Center Garage, Logan Square, Logicon RDA, Los Angeles Department Of Water & Power, Louis Dreyfus Koin Tower, Loyola University, Ltd., Lucerne Products, Luke's Garage, Lundy Electronics, Luscar Ltd., Mac Plastics, Madison Square Gardens, Madonna's Hollywood Hills Residence, Magnetic Automation, Maiers Bakery, Main Hurdman & Cranstoun, Main Street Parking Garage, Major Hospital, Malibu, Malibu Racquet Club, Mannington Tile, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, MAPCO, Marine Midland Bank, Marion Square, Mariott, Market St. Garage, Marriott Computer Center, Marriott Hotel, Martha's Vineyard Steamship Woods Hole, Martin Marietta, Marubeni America Corporation, Mary's Help Hospital/UC Davis, Maryland St. Garage, Marymount College, Marymount University, Marysville Oh, Mashantucket Pequot Museum, Master Charge Center, Mattel Corp., Mayo Clinic Of Jacksonville, Mbta, Mc Arthur Dairy, MCA Corporation, McCandless Hall, McCormick Canada, McGraw Edison, McKee Sport Hospital, McLaren General Hospital, McNeill Plaza, MeChanics Institue Library, Mechanics Institute, Mecklenburg County, Med Center Of South Carolina, Medical Univ. South Carolina, Meisner Electric, Melbourne Water, Mellon Institute, Memorex Corporation, Memorial Hospital, Memorial Medical Center Of London, MEPC American Properties, Mercedes Benz, Merck, Mercy Hospital, Mercy-St. Lukes Hospital, Mesa High, Metcalf-Conroe, Methodist Hospital, Methodist Manor, Metro Bus Line, Metro Garage, Metro Nashville, Metropolitan Toronto Housing, Meyers Parking-San Juan, Miami International Airport, Michigan National Bank, Middle Tennessee Med Ctr., Midtown Medical Center, Midwest Clearing Corp, Milford Fabricating, Miller Brewing Company, Miller Canning Plant, Miller Container Division, Miller Hangar, Miller Parking Company, Minatronics, Mini-storage, Minneapolis Airport, Minneapolis Plaza Hotel, Miramar Hotel, Mission Park Garage, Mitsui Bank, Mitsui Manufacturers Bank, Mobil Oil, Model Electric Company, Modern Healthcare, Mon Wharf, Monarch, Monroe Community College, Monsanto Biological Labs, Monsanto Corporation, Montco Hospital, Monterey Parking Structure, Montgomery County, Montgomery County Community College, Montgomery County Parking, Morgan Electronics, Morning Call Newspaper, Mosides Construction, Motion Picture Industry Bldg., Mount Levanon Garage, Mountain Pines Resort, Mulholland Estates, Murphy Pearson Bradley & Feeney, Muskegon Airport, Mylan Laboratories, N/W Computer Services, NAS Alameda, National Advanced Systems, National American Insurance, National Bank, National Bank Edmonton Office Bldg, National Bank Of Commerce, National Bank Of South Dakota, National Bureau Of Standards, National Cinema, National Garages, National Guard, National West Tower, National Westminister Bank London England, Navistar International, NBC Garage, NCMB Plaza Chapel Hill, NCMB-Bank Of Tampa, Ncr Corporation, NCR-CETC, NE Airlines, Nebhelp, Nebraska Dept. Of Revenue, Nells Publishing, Nepean Hospital, Nestles, Netsource/Mtc Petaluma, New Holland, New World Center, New York Life, Newcomb Medical Center, Newport Center, Buffalo Airport, Nichols Institute, NIEHS, Nils Publishing, NNA Services, Norman Transcript, Normandale Prop. Plaza, Nortech, North American Philips, North Galleria, North Hills Passavant Hospital, North Hollywood Prk. Garage, North Pacific Lumber Company, North Park, North Park Apartments, Northern Trust Plaza, Northrop University, Northwest Airlines, Northwestern Bell, Northwestern Plaza, NSW Dept Of Housing, Nsw Dept. Of Housing, NSW Fisheries Research Inst., Nueces County Jail, Nvdh Corporation, NW Federal Credit Union, NY State Mortgage Loan Adm., Oak Ridge Tech Center, Oakland International Airport, Oakwood Apartments, Oakwood Apts., Oberdorfer Foundries, Ocean Center/Harbor City Proje, Oconee Memorial Hospital, Oil Center, Oil Tanking Inc., Oklahoma Children's Memorial Hospital, Oklahoma County Library, Old Oak Properties, Olin Ordnance, Olympic Village, One American Center, One Bunker Hill, One Central Plaza, One Dupont Circle, One GTE Place, One Mellon Bank, One Park Place, One Park Plaza, Orchard Grove, Orlando Jetport, Orthopaedic Surgeon Bldg., Osram Sylvania, Oswego County, Oswego County Fulton Branch, Oswego County Social Services, Owens-illinois Inc., Oxford Development, P. S. E. & G., P. T. & T., Pacific Gardens, Pacific Gas & Electric, Pacific NW Bell, Pacific Theatres, Pacific Trade Center, Pacific Valves, Packaging Coordinators Inc, Pacrat Electronics, Palisades Promenade, Palm Lakes Apartments, Pandick Press, Panther Stadium, Paper Converting Machine Co., Park & Lock, Park Place, Park Plaza, Parkridge Hospital, Parliament House Deck, Parramatta Basketball Assoc., Parramatta Hospital, Pasadena Badminton Club, Pasadena Bayshore Hospital, Pasadena Beverage, PBS Assoc., Peabody Tower, Peachtree Center Parking, Peachtree East Garage, Peachtree Summit, Penn State, Penn. Avenue Development, Penney Curtiss, Pennwell Publishing, Pennzoil Products, Pertil Electric, Phelps Monthly, Phillips Petroleum, Photonic Integration Research Inc, Phototron, Physically Challenged Student, Pic N Save, Pickens Bond, Piedmont Hospital, Pilgrim Towers, Pioneer College, Pitt Ohio Express, Pittsburgh Plate & Glass Compa, Pizza Hut, Plastek Group, Plastics Tooling, Plaza 290, Pleasant Prarie Child Deve., Polaroid Corporation, Pomona College, Port Of Oakland, Portofino Plaza, Post Office Square, Potter Hoyt, Power Engineers Corporation, Powerline, Poydras, Precision Response, Premium Standard Farms, Presbyterian Hospital, Presbyterian-Orthopaedic Hospital, Pressco, Prince William County, Prince William County Prk. Aut, Proctor & Gamble, Proto Tool, Providence College, Providence Hospital, Prudential Center, Prudential Insurance Company, Prudential Office Bldg., Prudential Plaza, PSF Gates, Public Ledger, Public Service Company, Pulsecom, Pyramid, Queens Properties, Queens Properties Moorehead, R Ranch, R. R. Scheibe Company, Raam Info Services, Ragnar Benson-Wheeli, Rainbow Parking, Rally's Inc., Ralston Purina, Rand, Randall Publishing, RDA, Real Estate Institute, Red Deer College, Regency Hall, Regency Park Security, Regents Park Office Bldg., Reiter Dairy, Relco, Representative Condo, Research Institute, Research Park, Revcon Technologies, Richmon EMS, Richmond Airport, Riddle Memorial Hospital, Rinaldi Medical Center, Rio Hacha, River North Development, Riverside Community Hospital, Riverside Medical Center, Riverview Center, Riverway, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, RMC Barker, RMS, Roanoke Community Hospital, Robert A Bell, Roberts Garage, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester City School District, Rochester Convention Center, Rochester Germicide, Rocketdyne, Rockwell International, Rodak Corporation, Roper Hospital, Ross Labs, Rost Enterprises, Royal Development, Royal Mail England, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Main Car Park, Rubbermaid, Rubio Medical Center, Russo Voss 10, S. K. & F. Lab Company, Sacramento Airport, Saf "T" Storage, Saginaw County, Saginaw County Bldg., Saint Christopher's Hospital, Saks Fifth Avenue, Salem County Sportsman's Club, San Antonio Space Center, San Francisco General Hospital, San Giorgio-Skinner Company, San Jose Airport, San Juan Airport, San Onofre Nuclear Power Station, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Sartomer Co., Schlitz Brewery, Schlitz Park, Schlumberge, Scientific Calculations, SE Wisconsin Regional Planning, Sears Savings Bank, Sears, Seattle Telco, Seaway Center, Seaway Center - Nova, Second Avenue Garage, Secur-it Personal Storage, Securador, Secure Self Storage, Security Etc., Self-serve Storage, Senior Citizen Center, Seton Medical Center, Sharon Towers, Shearson Lehman American Express, Sheller Globe, Sheraff, Sheraton Garage, Sheraton Hawaii, Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, Shlitz Brewing, Show Ads Omega Pty Ltd, Shuswap Hospital, Signal Engineering, Singer-Linc Division, Skaggs Alpha Beta, Sky Chefs, Skyview Center, Slazenger Golf, SMS, Softsel, Sonitrol Corporation, Sony Corp, South Bay Hospital, South Bend Memorial Hospital, South Central Bell, South Jersey Hospital, South Wind Ltd., Southern Calif. Gas Company Field Offices, Southern Calif. Gas Headquarters, Southern California Edison Co., Southern Farms, Southside Hospital, Space Center Inc., Springfield Newspaper, Square Industries, St Francis Hospital La, St James Mercy Hospital, St Louis University, St Luke's Hospital, St Mary's Academy, St Mary's Medical Center, St Vincent Hospital, St. Andrew's Towers, St. Anthony's Center, St. Anthony's Hospital, St. Bernardine, St. Clair Hospital, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, St. Francis, St. Francis Hospital, St. Francis Hospital Of Evanst, St. Joesph Medical Center, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, St. Joseph's Medical Plaza, St. Louis University, St. Luke's Hospital, St. Mary's Academy, St. Mary's College, St. Mary's Hospital, St. Norbert College, St. Phillips Garage, St. Therese Hospital, St. Vincent's Hospital, St.james Mercy Hospital, Standard Oil Company, Standard Paper Box, Stanley, Stanley Door Systems, Stanley Headquarters, Stanley Magic Door-new England, Stapleton International Airpor, State Comp Insurance Fund, State Mutual Life Assurance Co, State Of Iowa, State Of Nebraska, State Of Nebraska Capital, State Of Nebraska Dept Of Revenue, State Of Wisconsin, Steelock Fence Company, Stephen Holt University, Steris, Sterling 10960 Wilshire, Sterling 9100 Wilshire, Sterling Finishes, Stone Bridge, Storage Company, Strong Museum, Summit County Garage, Sun Computers, Sun Services, Sunnybrook International Hotel, Sunrise Racquet Club, Super Value Stores, Surrey Health, Sutton Towers, SW Bell, SW Engineering, Swiss American Bank, Syracuse University, System Developing Corporation, T. Eaton Co. Limited, Tallahassee Memorial Regional Hospital, Tarrant Savings Association, TCM Company, Technicolor Corporation, Technicolor Optical Media Svcs, Tele Brasilia, Tennessee Eastman Company, Tennessee Valley Authority, Texas College, Texas Credit Union, Texas Medical Center, TFI Corporation, TGH Psychiatry, The Academy Venture, The City Marina, The Loft 11th & O St, The Medical Center, The Park, The Plantation @ Ponte Vedra, The Post & Courier, The Time Colonist, The Vault, Thompson Towers, Thomson Publishing, Thomson Sintra Pacific, Tidewater Building, Time & Parking Building, Timken Company, Toronto General Hospital, Tower City Riverview Project, Town Square, Townsend & Bottom, Travis Point Country Club, Trumbull Memorial Hospital, Trust Co. Bank, TRW Corporation, TRW Pressure Systems, TRW-fujitsu, Tucson City, Tulsa International Airport, Turnberry Isle, Turo Parking, Twentieth Century Fox, Twinbrook Medical Center, Tyson's Office Complex, U O A Health Services, U Of A Kirkland Health Svcs., U Of Alberta Hosp Athletic Dept, U-park Inc, U. C. Davis, U. S. Erda Exhibit, U. S. Welding, U.S. Army, U.s. Federal Reserve, U.S. Internal Revenue Service, U.S. National Guard, USC, UCLA, UCLA Life Sciences Building, Ultralite, UNC Chapel Hill, Uni-alarm, Unimark Plastics, Union Commerce, Union County Electric Co-op, Union Plaza, Union Square Parking, Union Ville, Unisys Camarillo, Unisys Detroit, United Airlines, United American Insurance, United Bank, United Technologies, United Way, Univ Of Alabama, Univ Of Alabama, Univ Of Tennessee Med Center, Univ Of Wisconsin Biotron, Univ. Computing, Univ. Of Alberta Fitness Ctr., Univ. Of Tennesse Medical Ctr., Univ.of Tenn. Hlth Science Ctr, University Club, University Medical Center, University Of Alabama, University Of Alberta, University Of California-Davis, University Of Chicago, University Of Chicago Medical, University Of Houston, University Of Kansas Medical Center, University Of Maryland, University Of Massachusetts, University Of Michigan, University Of Missouri, University Of Nebraska, University Of Oklahoma, University Of Rochester, University Of South Carolina, University Of Tennessee, University Of Tennessee Medical Center, University Of Texas, University Of Utah, University Parking Circle, Upstate Medical Center, US Post Office, US Sales Corp, USC Hospital, UW Madison, UW Madison Biochemistry Bldg, UW Vilas Hall, V. A. Hospital, V. C. Sumner Nuclear Station, VA Hospital Dallas, VA Hospital Memphis, VA Medical Center LA, Valencia South Valley, Valley Medical Center, Valley News Dispatch, Valspar Construction, Van Den Burgh Foods Co., Vance Plaza, Vanderbuilt Univ, Vanderbuilt University, Varig Airlines, Vekaplast, Venango Manor, Ventura Regional Sanitation District, Verex Corporation, Vestron Video, Veterans Of Foreign Wars, Victory Parking Garage, Villa At Eaton Square, Vincentian Home, Vineyard, Vintec, Viracon, Virginia Western College, Viterbo College, Vivitar Corporation, VOC Tech, Volkswagen, Wachesaw Plantation, Wadley Hospital, Waikiki Trade Center, Waldenwoods Resort, Walnut Creek Plaza, Walnut Creek Prairie Learning Center, Warren Parking, Washington County 911, Washington Plaza, Watts Arms Project, Watts Garage, Webb Skill & Assoc., Welsch Water Pontier, Wems, West Penn Hospital, Wesco Disribution, Wesley-on-east, West Chase Gardens, West Hudson Hospital, West Penn Hospital, West Suburban Hospital, West Valley Medical Center, Western Electric, Western Farm Bureau, Western Mining, Western Union, Westinghouse, Westinghouse Airbrake Div., Westinghouse Credit Corporation, Westinghouse Security, Westlake Properties, Westreco/Nestles, Westside Family YMCA, Weyerhaeuser Corporation, Weymouth Port, Wheeling Center Parking, Whidden Memorial Hospital, Wichita Ctr/Medical Society Of, Wichita State University, Williamette Inc., Williams Center, Willimatic Police Department, Wilshire Rexford, Wilson Garage, Winston Salem Journal, Wisconsin Gas, Wisconsin Power & Light, Wolfs Camping Resort, Wondel & Goltermann, Woods Of Sugar Pines, Workmens Comp. Board, World Trade Center, WPS, WSU, WSU Library, WTC Air Freight, Wynmoor Village, Xerox Corporation, Yale Electronics, Young Manor, Youngstown Hospital, Youngstown State University, Ziff Properties

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