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May  2004
Linux Based Network Controller
Control From Any Windows Based PC Over An In-House Network
Comptible With All Versions Of Windows Details   Why Linux?
October 29, 2003
UL 294 Certification
Now our systems meet the UL-294 Standard. The following  components will now have a UL-294 label affixed to the enclosure: Modules: 4120, 4122, 4122X, 4130-OL, 4190, and 8120.
August 29, 2003
New Long Range Hands-Free Vehicle ID Reader
•  Adjustable Read Range From 6' to 400'
March 4, 2003
Upgrading Your Existing Toye System?
•  We have an upgrade for every operating system
•  What you need to know before you upgrade your "PC" or Operating System
January 31, 2003
Access Anywhere Version 7.0
•  All New Programming Support For Network Controllers
•  More New Access Control And Reporting Features
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December 3, 2002
Play A Different Sound For Each Event
Alarm & Cardholder Event Annunciation
•  Assign A Unique Sound File To Any Event By Name Or By Type
•  Display Alarm Point Specific Graphics
•  Send E-Mail And Text Messages For Any Event To Any Number Of Recipients
•  Here's The Ultimate Doctor's Register For Hospitals
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September 24, 2002
A New Convenience
Pay By Credit Card
We Now Accept Visa & Master Charge Cards
September 18, 2002
Display Real Time Events From Multiple Locations
Single Screen Monitoring
A Powerful Solution When There Is More Than One PC or Network Controller
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June 25, 2002
A Low Cost Stand-Alone Reader With A Memory
New Memory Mini-Prox
 Check this out, you won't believe it
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May 10, 2002
A Renewed Commitment
New Ownership
A Message From Bud Toye:  Click
April 17, 2002
Guaranteed Accuracy
Intelligent Parking Lot Count Module
Synchronized Indexing Means No Lost Counts
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January 23, 2002
Our New Presentation Kit ForDealers
System ShowCase
It's A Virtual Marketing Assistant
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November 13, 2001
It's All About Knowing Who Has Access
A New Reality In A Changing World
Our New Access Anywhere Package Targets Solutions
Connects To Any Network Or To Any "PC"
Windows 98, NT, 2000, And XP
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June 27, 2001
New Web Pages
• View A Quick Slide Show Presentation Of Our Newest System
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Quickly Compare System Features And Functionality
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May 4, 2001
Is this really the person to whom the card was issued?
Real-Time Photo Display

  • Instantly displays cardholder's file photo upon card or keypad transaction
  • Better and faster than biometrics for positive identification
  • Easily add photos to your database with any digital camera
  • View transactions from any work station on a network
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March 22, 2001
Introducing A New Way Of Controlling Access Control
Model 4200 Network Controller
  • It features 100% Distributed Processing
  • It's a full featured system you can program locally without a "PC"
  • Connect a modem and program it from a remote location
  • Connect it to a Local or Wide Area Network for Work Station programming and monitoring
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February 27, 2001
A Must For Instant Presentation Material When You Need It
Sales Engineer's Resource CD
Instant Access To Everything Needed For Sales And Support 
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January 18, 2001
MS Access Not Required
Access Central 5.2 Web Demo
Shows All the New Features
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January 18, 2001
Friendlier Keypads Let Cardholders Select Their Code
User Selectable P.I.N Codes
Here's one of the most requested new features. For systems using keypads, each cardholder can now select the code of their choice, and change it any time to another code.
November 2, 2000
Powerful Additions
Access Central 5.2 Released
View A Listing Of New Features 
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October 13, 2000
New "Hard" Or "Soft" Control
Reserved Space Allocation For Tenant Groups
Deny Tenant Overflow "Hard"
Allow Overflow, But Report Overflow Time "Soft"
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July 18, 2000
Proximity Cards Read At 24", Vehicle Tags Read At 6'
Hands On, or Hands Free Vehicle Access
One System, One Reader For Both
View Animated Illustration
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June 22, 2000
Replaces DOS Shell
A New Windows Background Program
For Windows 95 & 98
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June 2, 2000
Automatic Enrollment With A Parking Ticket (Or Compatible Room Key)
Hotel Guest Parking Package
Swipe The Guest's Parking Ticket In The Desk Clerk's Reader 
To Make That Guest Valid For The Next 24 Hours 
--No Pre-Programming--No Pre-Defined Security Levels--
  • Just Define The Parking Entrance And Exit Readers, No Other Programming
  • Ticket Is Automatically Deleted When Departure Date Is Reached
  • Extend The Guest's Departure Date Anytime To Any Date And Time
  • Add Normal Levels For Access To Pools, Spas, and Entrances From Garage

  • Supports Bar Code, Mag Stripe, Prox, And Vehicle ID
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February 11, 2000
New From HID
A Stand-Alone Prox and Keypad Reader With An Optional Printer

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February 10, 2000
Access Central & LogicNet Garage Accounting Software
A Best Of Two Worlds Integration
Access Control Programming
Through The Industry's Leading Garage Accounting Package

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February 9, 2000
Per Trip Debiting
A Dollar Value Based Debit System

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November 1999
Now Available For Toye MiniProx Plus Readers 
ISO Prox Cards
Our New OneCard 
  • Same size and thickness as a credit card
  • Designed for high quality direct image printing
  • Available with or without magnetic stripe
Click Here to View or Download Catalog Sheet

An Accurate Real Time Display of Building and Parking Occupancy Counts
A Floating Counter Display 
View and define occupancy counters on your Windows Desktop
Trigger relays when the count goes to zero
Count Occupancy without hardware inputs

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Side by Side Screens Make It easy To See:
Who's In and Who's Out 

When someone comes in, they appear on the "In" display. When they leave, their name moves to the "Out" display

Click For A Quick Look

Click Here to View or Download Catalog Sheet 

Print Transactions A Line At A Time As They Occur:
Real Time Background Printing Is Back
Take A Quick Look

Our Own Line Of Prox Readers
They're Smaller, Have More Range
And Cost Less Than Any Other Reader
View or Download Mini Prox Plus Catalog Sheet
View or Download Wall Switch Prox Catalog Sheet
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Recent Projects
Check Them Out
We've added photos of some recent high profile Toye Systems 

New Multi-Point I/O Module
A versatile new Module with 8 programmable inputs and two programmable outputs. It can emulate a standard Command Module, or it can emulate a 16 input Alarm or Relay Module. It supports Transaction Activated Outputs for elevators. View or Download a full color brochure: 8120 Multi-Point I/O Module

New SmartClik RF Reader
Here finally is the answer to Doctor's parking lots, or any application where you need longer range access without having to present a card to a reader. Our longest range (40 feet) reader is now also the least expensive of all readers with a list price of $199.00. 

The SmartClik RF Reader uses a tiny Key chain transmitter that is smaller than a prox card. They are available in one, two, or three button versions. View SmartClik Brochure

New Power Prox 28" Reader
This is Motorola's first long range reader that is self-contained. The old control box is gone, and so is the expensive regulated power supply. This reader is powered by our Command Module, and is housed in an attractive surface mount wall unit. 

New Tenant Specific Space Allocation Software
Now parking managers can issue as many access cards as they want to tenants, but our software will only allow a stipulated number in the facility at any one time.  So if a tenant has purchased 100 access cards, but has paid for only 50 reserved spaces, our software will keep track of how many spaces are available, and if none are, free access is denied until other cardholders from that tenant group exit. 

You can have as many tenant groups as you need, and each tenant group can have a different number of reserved spaces.  It's all done in software, so there is no field hardware involved except for the card readers. View or print a product brochure

Off-Line Intelligent Reader Series
  • Any Reader Technology 
  • Stand-Alone (No Smart Cartridge Or "PC" Needed) 
  • Built-In 65,000 Card Memory 
  • Card Deck Programming 
  • Link Two Readers For Anti-Pass-Back 
Announcing a whole new series of Off-line Intelligent Readers based on our new 4120 Series Command Modules which have a built-in 32K memory chip. No Smart Cartridge, PC or other central controller is required. You can void or validate up to 65,000 cardholders using a deck of program cards, and you can instantly initialize the reader to make all cards either valid or void. 

This is the industry's only multi-technology intelligent reader system. You can select the read head of your choice using any technology including: Differential Optics, Bar Code, Mag Stripe, Proximity, Touch, and Vehicle I.D. You may use one or two readers per Command Module and timed or in-exit hard anti-pass-back for parking applications is standard. 

(Now Shipping)

Color Brochures On-Line

Need a full color presentation brochure instantly?  All you need is a color ink jet printer.  [Check it out]

New Parking Management Features

Reader Specific Anti-Pass-Back For Access Central

Now you can mix or match APB modes using our new 4120 series Command Modules. You can use global In-exit "hard" APB for lots that have both "in" and "out" readers, and for lots with entrance readers only, you can use "timed" Anti-Pass-Back. 

Or you could have global "timed" APB controlled by the "PC", and "hard" In-exit ABP at certain lots controlled by a 4122 Dual Reader Command Module. 

Pay And Exit With Same Bar Code Ticket

Now you can control exit grace periods with one ticket. The same ticket the patron pulls when entering the lot can be used in a bar code reader at the exit, and you can set the grace period between payment and exiting.

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